The Parliamentary Representative

The Parliamentary Representative sits in the House of Assembly along with other Representatives and is part of the legislature of Wai’tukubuli. The position was established by Chapter III of the Constitution of Dominica, and together with the President of Dominica constitutes Dominica’s Parliament.

The House is unicameral, and consists of twenty-one Representatives, nine Senators, and the Attorney General serves an ex officio member. The Speaker of the House becomes the thirty-second member if chosen from outside the membership of the House.

The Parliamentary Representative is directly elected in a single member constituency using the simple-majority (or first-past-the-post) system for a term of five years.

This chosen person joins the other Representatives to decide whether the Senators are to be elected by their vote, or appointed. If appointed, five are chosen by the president with the advice of the Prime Minister and four with the advice of the opposition leader.