About Us

Kalinago Cultural Collaboration Hub Project

Our Mission

To collect, restore and preserve for future generation the ancestral knowledge of the indigenous Kalinago people of Dominica history, tradition and culture.

About Us

The development of the website (www.kalinagoarchive.org) is spear headed by  the Kalinago Council. Kalinago Council is the official representative of the Kalinago people, and was established with the objective of governing, managing and controlling the affairs of the Kalinago Territory on behalf of its residents.

It is the first time that the ancestral knowledge of the Kalinago people of Dominica has been written by themselves. The website is recommended as the primary source of information to anyone seeking information about the Kalinago people of Dominica.

The Kalinago Cultural Collaboration Hub project is proposed to accomplish these two goals one; cultural preservation and accurate documentation, and two; restoring the bonds between the youths and elders in the community by collaborating on this joint effort to preserve our history so it is archived and accessible for future generations and cultures around the world.

Project Team Members

Project Manager: Migall Danne Auguiste, Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science – Project Manager & Web Content Manager,

Historian: Cozier Frederick – Bachelors of Arts – our Local Historian & Content Editor;

Project Volunteers:  Patterson Auguiste – Video and Audio Editor, Lary Auguiste, Gary Auguiste, Tikenti Auguiste, Everton Frederick, Te’wa Joseph, Ackroy Eusebe, Camisha Burton and Beanka Sandy who assisted with collecting the data.

Sponsor:  The Project is sponsored by the National Geographic Society